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The Road Fellowship is a gap year program for graduating high school seniors that focuses on laying a strong foundation of biblical truth and offers various discipleship and ministry opportunities.


The fellowship program will have 5 main areas of focus: prayer, study, service, mentorship, and community with other participants.


The fellowship program will follow the general weekly schedule below (subject to be adjusted):









8am - 3pm

1pm - 3pm

8am - 3pm



8:30am - 12:30pm


Participants of the Road Fellowship will have classroom time as a part of their study focus. During classroom time, the participants will take 6 courses. A brief description of each course is provided below:


The Bible is a story about God. The Christian understanding of the Scripture has always been that from Genesis to Revelation God is unfolding for us the history of his redemptive purposes in the earth culminating in two events: (1) the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Christ and (2) the promised return of Christ and restoration of all things. As God unfolds this revelation, he not only unpacks for us the story of redemption, but he unveils our eyes to see him for who he truly is. Understanding the Bible as a story about God will shape your perspective, challenge your understanding, and form your affections for the Lord.


Christians have a bad reputation for rarely agreeing on things. Although not exactly true, we have done a fair amount over the course of history to earn this stereotype. Interestingly, Jesus told his disciples that the unity of his followers would cause his message to flourish and his kingdom to expand all over the globe - and so it has. So, despite our various disagreements, Christians have been unified about major theological issues for a long time. Exploring the essentials of Christian belief will help any disciple dive more deeply into the fundamental truths that the Scriptures teach, and provide clarity in a time when many fundamental truths are being debated.


Although the spiritual growth of the Christian occurs from the same course as the new birth of the Christian - God’s grace alone - the formation of disciples into the image of Christ includes human effort in a way that is unlike our salvation. We grow in Christ as we walk in the Spirit and live out the implications of our faith trusting in God’s ability to shape and mold us daily. Developing healthy rhythms of spiritual formation help to imbed the Christian in the truth of Scripture, safeguard them from isolation, and mobilize them to good works that were providentially prepared by God for them to walk in.


This course will look at gospel themes through two pieces of literature chosen by the teaching staff. Students will study each piece of literature and connect each story to biblical themes.


This course will equip students for everyday life skills and tasks like budgeting, scheduling, resume writing, etc.


$1500 per year / $750 per semester

Listen to this episode of the Provcast where Kort discussed the vision of the Road Fellowship with Scott Mahan and Lauren Schreiber.


What is a gap year program?

A gap year is usually a year or season taken after high school before proceeding with post-secondary education designed for the individual to learn through meaningful experiences. This time taken helps to build a solid foundational understanding of who they are as an individual and the world. The Providence Road Fellowship is a gospel-centered program designed to give the participant a clear understanding of their God-given identity and a Christian worldview. 

Can I work or attend college classes while I attend the Road Fellowship Program?

Yes, participants are encouraged to work and attend college classes while attending the Road Fellowship Program. The weekly schedule is structured to allow for this.

How do I apply?

The application is linked at the bottom of this web page. You can download the application and complete it. Please submit the application once complete to or return to the church office. 

What is the application process?

The application process begins with your submission of your completed application to The application deadline for the 2022 - 2023 year is June 30th, 2022. Your application will be reviewed after receipt, and an interview will be scheduled. Decisions will be made by July 15th, 2022. If you are accepted, you will then have the opportunity to enroll in the program. 

I am not sure if I can afford the cost of the program. What are my options?

If you are not able to afford the cost of the program, please notify a Providence Road staff member. Our staff will partner with you to assist with fundraising opportunities. 

Does the cost of the program cover all expenses?

The cost of the program covers all the expenses for the program with the exception of travel costs for both trips during the year. Assistance will be provided to participants to raise additional funds. 


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