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For us, a connection culture is more than mere assimilation.

We are convinced that connecting people to the life of the church is a gospel and theological endeavor.

Providence Women


Providence’s Home Groups are groups of men, women, and children who are learning to follow Jesus – growing together, loving one another, and blessing their neighbors.


The Men’s Ministry at Providence exists to equip and encourage men to hold fast to the Word of God and walk in the work He has called them to do.


We want to cultivate a culture of leaders, fathers, brothers, and sons. So that our men, by pledging their lives, words, and labor to the Lord, would magnify Christ’s glorious name to our city. We desire to restore masculine Christianity in the church. We long to see passionate men who walk in a manner worthy of the gospel and lead the church and their families to worship the Lord. We want men to be able to search the word of God for themselves and believe all of the promises that find their "yes and amen" in Christ. 

Providence Men
Providence Women


The Women's Ministry at Providence Community Church exists to equip and encourage women to know God through His Word to grow in their love for Him and others.


514 Student Ministries was birthed out of the idea that discipleship, growing in Christ, and making the gospel unignorable in our city was not limited to adults. Instead, it was given to all the saints, regardless of age. "514" is derived from Matthew 5:14: You are the light of the world—a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden.

514 Student Ministry
Providence Kids


We partner with families to impart the Gospel through engaging activities and meaningful teachings. Walking alongside one another in building a strong foundation of faith in our children and fostering a love for Jesus that lasts a lifetime.


The gospel call does not allow us to seek the pleasures of comfort. Instead, fully-devoted followers of Christ do all they can to put the gospel on display by sharing the love of God that has been shown to them. Whether through our time, talents, or treasures, we seek to give our lives to the advancement of God's kingdom by making disciples. 

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Providence Soul Care
Providence Road Academy
Providence Road Academy
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