Women's Meeting Personal Study: John 17

We encourage you to take the time to work through this personal study guide before we gather together for women's meeting.

These questions and study tips will help you to look into the Scriptures and study John 17 on your own before we discuss together and are taught from this text on


Women's meeting will be held Tuesday November 19 at 7pm

Childcare available upon request. Please message Providence on social media or contact Lauren Schreiber (lauren@providencetx.org) if you will be needing childcare.

Before reading John 17, determine where we are in the biblical narrative. What has already happened and what has not yet happened? (Hint: Look at John 18 for what happens next).

Read John 17. As you read, list the things that Jesus prays for in the space below:

How does Jesus define eternal life in John 17:3?

Look up the definition of sanctify and write it below.

What does Jesus say sanctifies us in John 17:17?

If you write in your bible, read John 17:20-23 and circle every time the word “one” is used. Use the space below to paraphrase this part of the text.