Women's Meeting Personal Study: James 2

These questions and study tips will help you to look into the Scriptures and study James 2 on your own before we discuss together and are taught from this text on this next week.

In an effort to deeply care for those in our congregation and community, our Women's Meeting this month has been cancelled due to many concerns surrounding COVID-19. However, we will have an online stream available through our social media that evening. Please message Providence on social media or contact Lauren Schreiber (lauren@providencetx.org) if you have any questions.

Read James 2

What does it mean to show partiality? (Look up the definition if you are not sure).

Why do you think it is important for believers to not show partiality?

Read John 13:34-35 and John 15:8. How does Jesus say that people will know we are his disciples?

What two words does James use to describe faith apart from good works in verses 17 and 20?