Sermon Study Notes: Training in Godliness

These study notes can help you take what we learned about together on Sunday into your own personal study. Read through the passages this week, spend time in prayer about the topic and work through these application questions. 

If you have not yet heard this week's sermon, or you want to revisit it, you can listen in here: Training in Godliness 

Sermon text: 

1 Timothy 4:6-11

Additional readings: 

  • Matthew 28:18-20

  • Psalm 37:4

  • Romans 12:1

  • 1 Johnn 2:15-17

  • 1 Timonthy 1-4

Application questions: 

  • What spiritual disciplines have you avoided because you were waiting until you found delight in them? How does this week's sermon change the way you view those things?

  • Jesus chastised people if their disciplines weren't connected to delight and vice versa. Can you find examples of this in the gospels? Which example do you find most relatable to your own struggles? 

  • God wants our hearts to be connected to our practices. One way this connection occurs is through good doctrine. How are you growing in your ability to understand and apply the Bible? Or, what should you be doing to discipline yourself and grow in this area? (If you need help, reach out to your home group leader for ideas and support. Remember, spiritual formation is something we do together!) 

  • Christians a few decades ago were known for legalism, but Pastor Joseph proposed that the modern American church is much more prone to laziness. What are some areas in your own Christian life where you tend to be lazy instead of training yourself in godliness? 

  • Where in your life have you seen the Holy Spirit shape your heart to love God more through your disciplines and faithfulness to live as a sacrifice to God? How will acknowledging this help you to repeat that process in other areas of spiritual formation that seem more difficult to you? 


Grace is not opposed to effort but it is opposed to earning. - Dallas Willard from the book The Great Omission:  Reclaiming Jesus's Essential Teachings on Discipleship  

The contemporary church in America's biggest danger is not legalism but laziness - Joseph Turner

Our prayer is that this sermon study guide will help you in your spiritual growth. As you read and pray through these passages, we encourage you to take your study into community as well. Talk to your friends and family about what you are learning and make sharing your faith by the power of the Holy Spirit a part of your growth in Him. We have a new playlist on Spotify and Apple Music, including some of the songs we will be singing together at gatherings this Summer. If you'd like to listen to these songs at home or on the go you can listen on Spotify here.