Sermon Study Notes: Mission in Hard Places

This week we had Pastor Bryant Lee from Higher Expectations church as a guest speaker. Read more about the outreaches they are doing in Humble and beyond here

Listen to the sermon titled, Mission in Hard Places here

Sermon text:

  • Ephesians 2:11-21

Other readings:

  • The whole book of Ephesians

  • John 17:21 

  • Matthew 6:9-12

  • Revelation 7:9-12

Application questions:

  • Read over the prayer in John 17; Christ prays for the church to be one. How can you use this as a model in your own prayers for unity in the church this week?

  • Pastor Lee reminded us that we are called to reject our personal preferences for the sake of the gospel. What specific preferences or comforts could you lay aside in order to better live your life for the sake the gospel and for Christ?

  • Racial reconciliation is a hot-button topic that we can't overlook, but Pastor Lee reminded us that God has a much greater narrative at work, the narrative of a reconciled people on the earth. How might viewing even large issues like racial reconciliation from a gospel perspective change the way that you engage in the conversation about race with those around you?

  • When have you been tempted to focus on issues in the world apart from the lens of the gospel? How might the realization that God is calling us to do more than simply "get along" with one another change the way that you interact with and pray for those around you? 

  • Our common bond as Christians should not be the sin that we commit together. Instead, our common bond should be Christ. Think about the people who you interact with at Providence — is it evident in your conversations and in the way that you care for one another that Christ is what unifies you? If not, how can you work towards changing that this week?


Mother, mother There's too many of you crying Brother, brother, brother There's far too many of you dying You know we've got to find a way To bring some lovin' here today, eheh Father, father We don't need to escalate You see, war is not the answer For only love can conquer hate You know we've got to find a way To bring some lovin' here today, oh oh oh -Marvin Gaye What's Going On

You couldn’t get to God on your own so God came down to you. – Pastor Bryant Lee

Heaven already got it right. Take clues about how to live in community from heaven not from earth. - Pastor Bryant Lee

When God states that he is creating one new man He is indeed reminding you and I that we are better together. - Pastor Bryant Lee

Our prayer is that this sermon study guide will help you in your spiritual growth. As you read and pray through these passages, we encourage you to take your study into community as well. Talk to your friends and family about what you are learning and make sharing your faith by the power of the Holy Spirit a part of your growth in Him.

We have a new playlist on Spotify and Apple Music, including some of the songs we will be singing together at gatherings this Summer. If you'd like to listen to these songs at home or on the go you can listen on Spotify here or on Apple Music here.