Sermon Study Notes: Joy in the Gospel

We invite you to go deeper in your personal reflection and response to this week's sermon through these study notes and application questions.

Take some time this week to read the sermon texts in their full context and study out on your own what we have been learning together at gathering. If you have not had a chance to listen to the sermon, or if you need help as you work through the study this week, you can listen to the sermon here: Joy in the Gospel

Sermon Text: 

Philippians 1:12-18

Additional Readings: 

  • Acts 9:1-31

  • Matthew 16:17-19

  • 1 Peter 4:12-14

Application Questions: 

  • Read the telling of Paul's conversion in Acts 9. What truths about Jesus filled Paul with such joy that he would continue to share the gospel, even knowing he would likely be persecuted for it?

  • Take the time this week to write out or say the gospel in your own words. What specific truths about Christ in the gospel do you find bring you the most joy?

  • As christians, when we face sufferings we are able to have joy because of the gospel. How will the specific truths you identified above help you find joy in Christ the next time you face opposition when sharing the gospel (or any other major life struggle)?

  • When we prioritize the advance of the gospel above all else, this gives us a huge way to rejoice even in suffering (just like Paul in the Philippians text). How can you use a specific struggle in your life currently to share the gospel with those around you? Take the time to share with some one this week.


Often the most vulnerable and painful moments of life can bring about the most powerful and wonderful opportunities to share about the grace of God in the gospel. - Joseph Turner

Our prayer is that this sermon study guide will help you in your spiritual growth. As you read and pray through these passages, we encourage you to take your study into community as well. Talk to your friends and family about what you are learning and make sharing your faith a part of your growth in Him.

We have a playlist on Spotify, including some of the songs we will be singing together at gatherings this Fall. If you'd like to listen to these songs at home or on the go you can listen on Spotify here.