Sermon Study Notes: Disciplines of Formation

Our prayer is that these notes help and encourage you in deeper reflection on the sermon topic each week. If you have not had a chance to listen to the sermon, or if you need help as you work through the study this week, you can listen to the sermon here: Disciplines of Formation

Sermon text: 

Romans 12:1,2

Other Readings:

These are all the passages mentioned in the sermon. As you take time for personal study, be sure to explore each passage in it's context. Where just one verse was referenced, zoom out to read the full chapter or surrounding texts to give you a clearer view of the context and meaning of each passage. 

Application Questions: 

  • God does not expect us to figure out on our own how to be trained in godliness, but has laid out spiritual disciplines for us as means of growth for us. As you look at this list Pastor Kort put together, which of these disciplines can you identify as active in your life? Which disciplines do you need to work on this week? 

  • Do you view these disciplines simply as things that you should do because you are a christian? Or are you viewing them as gracious gifts from the Father to help you know Him more? Spend some time this week thanking God for these gifts this week as you participate in these disciplines. 

  • Christian disciplines aren't the only habits we can form. You have patterns in your life that are based on your longings, even if you are not actively aware of all of them. Spend some time in prayer this week asking God to reveal to you any patterns or habits that are shaping your heart away from Him. Watch for these patterns in your life this week and consider how you could replace those patterns for ones that will help shape your heart towards Christ. 

  • What would it look like for you to come to Jesus everyday with honesty and not self denial about where your heart is? What affect would this have on your daily life? 


coram Deo (Latin): To live our lives in the presence of God, under the authority of God and to the glory of God everyday. 

"We do not grow in the spiritual disciplines by setting out to grow. We grow by setting out to taste the goodness of God." - Dave Mathis from the book Habits of Grace

"There is no such thing as passive discipleship" - Kort Marley

"Spiritual disciplines are not merely things we do as christians but they are the only way we can learn to love God and love people." - Kort Marley 

You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you. - Augustine

Our prayer is that this sermon study guide will help you in your spiritual growth. As you read and pray through these passages, we encourage you to take your study into community as well. Talk to your friends and family about what you are learning and make sharing your faith by the power of the Holy Spirit a part of your growth in Him.

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