Women's Meeting Personal Study: James 1:1-18

We encourage you to take the time to work through this personal study guide before we gather together for women's meeting.

These questions and study tips will help you to look into the Scriptures and study James 1:1-18 on your own before we discuss together and are taught from this text on Tuesday.

Women's meeting will be held Tuesday January 21st at 7pm

Childcare available upon request. Please message Providence on social media or contact Lauren Schreiber (lauren@providencetx.org) if you will be needing childcare.

1. Read James 1:1-18

2. Summarize this portion of scripture in as much detail as possible:

Identify who the writer of this chapter of scripture is (Galatians 1:19, Matthew 13:5, Mark 6:3) and to whom is he writing.

3. Why do you think that James talks about suffering being counted as joy and asking God for wisdom together in the same message?

4. What reason does James give in this scripture for why suffering should be considered a joy?

5. In verse 16, James tells the tribes not to be deceived. In what specific ways is it easy to be deceived when we endure suffering and lack biblical wisdom?