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Brandon is from Zimbabwe and worked with YWAM in South Africa for eight years. Katie is from Alabama and has lived or worked in different parts of Africa for seven years. Brandon and Katie married in 2015 and have a daughter, Shona, and a son, Jaiden. They are also currently expecting their third child!


In 2017, Brandon and Katie felt the Lord calling them to do ministry in Mozambique, the seventh poorest country globally. So, they sold everything they owned in South Africa and moved. They began their ministry there by living at and running an orphanage. With the support of several families from Providence, they have been able to rent a home of their own close to the Center they now run. Ministerarily, the Mushunjes run a Community Center located in the village of Moamba, Mozambique. This Center is home to 12 girls from rural villages and offers them the opportunity to have an education, which is uncommon for most girls in Mozambique.

Additionally, the Center provides a safe place for homeless elderly to live and receive care. Brandon and Katie also teach Bible lessons and feed hundreds of kids a week. Providence has committed to supporting this family in the ministry God has placed in their hearts by financial and personal support. 


To follow the Mushunji Family's journey, you can visit their Facebook page here.


For information regarding upcoming trips or to learn more about this ministry, please email  

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